Friday, May 25, 2007

a word of advice...

Some will tell you not to pay any attention to them and make up your own mind. This is good advice. I'm sure someone said the same thing about the trail that the Donner party took and look what happened. "Oh no, we make the same trek across the country, easy as pie. You'll get to California, no problem." Those poor shcmucks. Of course I'm talking about reviews. Good or bad, everyone has an opinion. Obviously, the Donners heard a bad review and acted on it. Bad form! I believe, however, that a little knowledge before going off on any excercise of work or play; has never harmed anyone.

I just read Butler's review of Pirates 3. Wow! He has never been this insulted by a movie. The guy made a sheep joke (in reference to us the audience) at the end of the article. Gotta love the guy for that. "But Cam, I would rather form my own opinion, then let someone sour it before I see a movie."

On the contray, Bubba!

No matter the intelligence or preferences of said reviewer, NO ONE CAN SAY THOSE THINGS ABOUT A FILM THAT WAS JUST OKAY. That was almost on the level of hated of everyone involved in the making of the film.

Any way I'll probably see it and form my opinion within the first few minutes. That's usually when you can tell where the movie is going. If it is in fact horrible, I will be back here to tell you so.



Carl V. said...

We're going today, so I'll be forming my opinion then. It may actually be horrible, but I remember the fervent outcry from critics against Pirates 2 and I have to say that I enjoyed the movie tremendously. Was it perfect? No, these overblown adventure flicks never are, especially once the first one is a success, but for me it was truly fun.

I have a love/hate relationships with professional critics and, unless he happens to agree with me, usually think Butler is a dumbass.

What professional critics seem to forget (and hey, they probably have to in order to do their job) is that films do different things for different people. Sometimes I like something that almost no one I know likes...and critics that point I would have to say that they are probably right in their opinion and that the movie just happens to become one of my 'guilty pleasures'.

But when a movie falls in that area where about 50% of people like it and 50% of people don't, I'm not sure a critics opinion is any more valid than my own, especially if we disagree.

And I hate the sheep analogy. It makes the person having that opinion look like they are setting themselves up as the arbiter of what is good and what should be considered good art and entertainment. Thank you, I'll make my own decisions. In fact, his railing is more likely to make me like the film in spite of itself. And that isn't good either.

A good critic would be able to make their point without resorting to insulting the intelligence of the general movie-going public.

Carl V. said...

Of course, like any good 'critic', I value my own opinion first and I thought Spiderman 3 was mostly pure dreck and it has a slightly better Rotten Tomatoes rating than Pirates 3. It is going to be interesting comparing the two third outings to see if Pirates delivers at all where I thought Spidey 3 did not.

Carl V. said...

Saw it, liked it, suspect that you might not, which is okay.

I did my review and spent most of it ranting against Robert Butler's criticizing of me as a viewer. That, in my opinion, is baaaad form.

Feel free to pop over and shake your head at my silliness.